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I wasn’t even looking for anything special when I noticed young Denisse. 19 year old, cute face, flat chested but with thick curvy bottoms. She was sporting tight dark pants and a sexy nurse bikini top that made me notice her. Denisse wasn’t the type of chick you usually find at a place like this. Naturally, I had to take her to a room. As soon as I stripped down, she put the condom on me and started blowing me so fast and hard that I couldnt do anything about it. That small ass bed felt hard on my back and the room walls were still unfinished. But having that 19 year old bubble butt bouncing up and down my cock made it worth being there. Her hairy pussy was sure hot and so tight. I made her moan loudly and she kept repeating how much she enjoyed my dick. So I gave her a close-up of it as I came all over her small tits and pretty face.

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